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10 Gifts That Will Wow a Mom-to-be at a Baby Shower

Who can resist buying all the cute baby things when they're out shopping for baby shower gifts? Given the option, many of us would choose the irresistibly soft, charmingly cute unicorn blanket over the more practical option of diapers/wipes or diaper cream. How else do you think new moms end up with so many receiving blankets, or newborn onesies the baby quickly outgrows? We just can't help ourselves, and it brings us so much more satisfaction to buy the cutesy baby things, than the more boring, practical things. Fortunately, the advent of the baby registry helped lead us all in a more practical direction of getting the moms in our life gifts they actually need and want. The unfortunate part about gift registries, however, is moms often tend to forget about themselves and their needs, which I've learned during my postpartum doula work, is a mistake. You know the famous saying happy wife, happy life? The saying can be similarly applied to motherhood: happy mom, happy baby. Moms who are well cared for will be able to provide better care for their babies, after all, you can't fill someone else's cup if your own is empty. So, here are some ideas of gifts that will nurture the mom-to-be in your life, so she can, in turn, provide nurturing care to her baby, because a nurtured, well-cared for baby is what we all really want in the end, right?

1. Provide the mom-to-be with some luxurious self care products, like a lovely bubble bath/shower gel, great smelling moisturizer, soothing linen spray (for her pillow), etc... Gifts like these can remind the mom to pamper herself, which is extra important during the postpartum period. A nice moisturizer or shower gel can do wonders for helping a mom feel better about herself, during a time when she otherwise feels unsure about all the changes in her body and her life. 2. Organize and coordinate a meal train for the family, this ensures your mama friend is always well fed. Remind anybody who offers to cook a meal, to think about making a meal that can easily be eaten with one hand. Also, people don't have to cook full meals, snack type food is also great, and often easier to eat. If a meal train is not able to be arranged, you could also provide the new family with several gift cards to local takeout/delivery places. 3. Purchase a cute nursing friendly shirt, there are many companies to choose from these days that make nice, nursing friendly clothes. It's possible this shirt will become one of her favorite things to wear in the coming months. Of course, it's possible to breastfeed in any shirt, but having a shirt that is made for nursing in feels extra special, which makes it a great gift. 4. Offer to pay for a one time cleaning service at a time of her choosing. We all know how great it feels when your house is clean. A clean house can do wonders for a mom's state of mind, and during a time when she is short on time (and hands), having someone clean her house for her will feel like such a treat. If you can't afford a cleaning service, offer to do it yourself, that is the sign of a true friendship! 5. Put together a postpartum care kit. This can include things like a great nipple cream, a numbing spray/healing salve, a sitz bath product, hydrogel pads for sore nipples, padsicles (pads that are coated in witch hazel and aloe vera gel, then frozen), breast pads, a cooling/heating eye mask, a great lip balm, mints/gum (nice for middle of the night feedings), or any other comfort item she may like. These may seem like boring items, but they'll get a lot of use, and she will be so thankful to know someone is looking out for her, and caring about her well-being. 6. Purchase a package of hours from a local postpartum doula and gift it to the mom-to-be. You and a few other friends can go in on it together to split the cost if you need to, as most doulas typically have a minimum number of hours for service. The help and support the mom receives from her postpartum doula will, likely, be invaluable to her. This could end up being her favorite gift, and it is a true marker of how much you care for her. There is no other gift you could get, that would be as nurturing to the new mom as this. 7. Purchase a punch card or gift card to a local mommy and me yoga/exercise class. This can be a great way for her to get out of the house and meet other moms with babies, as well as help her start to feel better about herself, if she is suffering from insecurities in her body after the birth of her baby. 8. Buy her a great quality nursing bra, be sure to check with her about sizes, or you could always get her a gift card meant for purchasing a nursing bra, if you feel too unsure about how to order. She could be wearing a nursing bra for awhile, and it's nice to have a good quality bra she can feel good about. 9. Purchase a gift card for her to receive a postpartum massage, and offer to come along and hold the baby if needed, or babysit at her home. After carrying a baby for 9 months and going through labor, her body could use a good massage to help get her feeling back to normal. See if your area has any massage therapists who are well versed in working with postpartum women. 10. Gift the mom-to-be with an audio book or movie subscription. If a subscription is out of your price range, pick just a few movies or audio books to give her. She'll be thanking you during those long nursing marathon sessions when she's stuck on the couch for awhile. Hopefully this list inspired you, and next time you're at a baby shower, your gift will be the envy of all the other attendees, as well as most appreciated by the mom-to-be. Of course, if you really must get an adorable baby item to throw in with it, no one will blame you, just count it as a bonus! Comment below with your favorite gifts to give to moms-to-be.


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