My Birth Stories

I love reading birth stories, so I thought I'd share mine with you.

The Birth of Jos

The Birth of Layla

It was the night before my due date and my husband and I were supposed to meet up with my parents for dinner, but I wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t want to deal with my mom fussing over me. We were half way to the restaurant at that point so we decided to pick up Qdoba and head home to watch the winter Olympics instead. As I was lying on the couch I thought I felt a contraction, and I got very excited and asked my husband to feel too, because I almost wasn’t sure I felt it. I thought maybe I had imagined it, but then I  kept having more contractions and my husband started timing them. My husband wanted to call the midwife, even though I told him my contractions were not close enough together yet, and of course the midwife thought I wasn’t quite ready yet, so we decided to try and get some sleep.  

My husband slept, and I tried to sleep, but eventually I decided it was time to go to the hospital because it was a long drive and I was afraid my baby would be born on the side of the highway if we waited too long!  When we got to the hospital about 2 am, the midwife gave us the sad news that I still had a ways to go (I think I was only 4 cm dilated). They wouldn't admit us yet and told us to come back at 6 am to check again. We didn't want to make the drive home, so we walked around the hospital for 2 hours in the early morning to try and get things moving. When we arrived back At 6 AM I still hadn't made much progress despite the steady contractions, but the midwife thought I needed to try and relax and sleep, so they admitted me.

At around 8AM they gave me some morphine to help me sleep and rest. The respite from the contractions was a welcome one. While I was in my morphine induced haze, I had this sort of coming to god moment, when I realized that I was really afraid of actually becoming a mother. I think my fear was really impeding my progress because I was holding so much tension. So, I had a conversation with my baby and really expressed all my fears and let them go.  At noon the midwife came back and to everyone's surprise, I had made a lot of progress. I really think once I let go of all my fears and tension, my body was finally able to respond and dilate. 

I decided to try and take a bath for some pain relief, and after an hour in the bathtub and some pretty intense contractions the midwife wanted to check me again. The midwife was surprised to find I was complete and ready to push whenever I was ready. The staff had to hurriedly set up the birthing tub and at around 1PM I got in the birthing tub to start pushing. I pushed for about an hour and at 2:04 PM (on her due date) my little girl came into the world through the water! I was so surprised she turned out to be a girl; I thought for sure my whole pregnancy I was going to have a boy! She was placed skin to skin with me and we got to enjoy 2 hours of interrupted snuggles. 

Josie's Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Birth

I first learned about Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis on an online forum after the birth of my 1st daughter, and I decided right away I was going to try it out for any other babies I had. My first birth was satisfying and good, but I felt it could have been even better, with the right preparation. So, when I found out I was pregnant, I couldn't wait to get started practicing the self hypnosis and I had a lot of time to practice all the techniques throughout my pregnancy. I loved listening to the tracks and really taking the time to get much needed relaxation throughout my pregnancy. 

The night before Josie was born, I was feeling a little discouraged and irritable, because it was about 5 days past my "guess date", I had to keep repeating the affirmation that baby's come when they're ready. Well, early the next morning, about 1 am, I woke up to shift positions and as I rolled over, I felt a little jab to my belly, then a pop and a gush. I hadn't moved so fast to get out of bed in months! I jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom, all the while, trying to keep my dog from licking the carpet! I was GBS positive, and had opted to receive antibiotics, so my instructions were to call the midwife and come into the birth center. As my husband got things ready for us to go, I very excitedly started listening to my birth day affirmations, (I had been waiting so long to hear those), and after a few minutes I noticed my birthing waves were starting. When I noticed my birthing waves were starting, I started to get a bit anxious, so I decided to change tracks and listen to easy first stage, and that's the track I listened to all through the journey to the birth center. 

I arrived at the birth center and got settled in/received my antibiotics, all while listening to easy first stage on repeat. Once my antibiotics were in around 3 am, the midwife told us we could go home or stay and sleep, since we were due back in 4 hours for more antibiotics. We opted to stay. From 3 am-7 am I alternated listening to easy first stage, and the deepening tracks, while I dozed in and out of sleep. I felt very comfortable the whole time, even when my waves were starting to pick up. I mostly kept my switch off, only moving it to center when it was necessary to move to use the restroom or change positions. 

At 7 am the midwife came into check on me and start my next round of antibiotics, and when the antibiotics were done going in at around 7:30  I asked her if we could fill the tub. I had just experienced my most intense wave, prior to her coming in, and I just had a feeling I would need it soon. She asked if she  could check me to see where I was at and I agreed. Toall of our great surprise, I  was fully dilated. I don't think anybody quite realized, even me, how far along I was, because of my level of tranquility. She immediately started filling the tub and scrambling to call in her nurse. At this point, I felt very calm, it's like my baby was waiting for the tub to be filled, so I rested and kept listening to my deepening track, to stay deep in hypnosis with my lightswitch off.

It took awhile for the tub to fill and by that time it was almost 8 am, and when I got up to get in the tub, I noticed I was starting to feel pushy. As I got into the tub, I asked my husband if he would put the pushing baby out track, this was it, and I was feeling very excited! Everyone thought I would be having this baby any minute, as it turned out, the warm water felt so good and helped me relax even more that my pushy feeling subsided for a bit, so I just let my birthing waves wash over me. After some time relaxing in the water with my lightswitch in center, I started to feel the urge to push again with my waves. At this point I was using the peace cue, and saying it out loud, very frequently during my waves, alternating with the word "open, open, open" visualizing my perineum stretching gently to make space for my baby. 


After pushing for a little bit, I was starting to get frustrated when my baby was about to crown, because I couldn't quite keep her past my pubic bone.  After my wave would end she'd slip back a little under the pubic bone. My midwife encouraged me to give a little extra push between my waves, and that did the trick, which felt like monumental progress, and after that my baby was born in just a few short pushes. Josie Renee was born shortly after 9 am, and my birthing time had only been about 8 hours from start to finish, and I felt great. My midwife was really surprised by how calm and comfortable I was the whole time, and she was awesome with her patience of letting me push my baby out on my time, with gentle encouragement to help me along.

I can honestly say, I enjoyed her birth, and I look back on the memory fondly. There were moments that were intense, but those moments were also very tolerable, and the experience overall, was very empowering. It felt so amazing to be so in tune with my body, with my mind and body working together in total harmony, and it was so gratifying to feel the power and strength I am capable of. There's not a single thing I would change about her birth. 


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